About Us

The key goals of this department...

    • Inculcating teaching the importance of Microbiology with special reference to agricultural and industrial application to the Under-graduate students
    • Facilitating teaching and research skills among the master and Ph.D students of Agrl. Microbiology
    • Development of elite biofertilizers and formulations for supplementation of fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients especially for particular location / crop / soil specific.
    • Serving as nodal agency for biofertilizer production, quality control and certification for Tamil Nadu state.
    • Utilization of microbial processes for fermented food products, value addition to agricultural produces and industrial production of enzymes, pigments and other microbial metabolites.
    • Studying the soil microbial diversity for enhanced nutrient management and health.
    • Production and distribution of biofertilizers, assessment of quality of biofertilizers produced by various private and government agencies and supply of mother cultures to them.
    • Popularization of biofertilizer technology among the farmers by conducting FLDs, field days, trainings etc.
    • Development of Human Resource Development in various specialized applications of microbiology through CAS trainings for SAU and ICAR scientists.
    • Imparting training to farmers,SHGs on biofertilizer production